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Played to Death

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I’m guilty. I’m an album killer. Charge me. Lock me up and throw away the key.

Death by repeat is upon us once again. New music, especially good new music is a breath of fresh air. The sighs and feelings of disappointment and longing in commercial hooks, beats and catchy radio singles are thankfully washed away by quality lyrics, creativity and profound comparisons and anecdotes. Then, like most of us, I play it to death. Because I play good music to death, I then have to reap the consequences of my actions.

Music fans are still basking in J. Cole’s 2014 Forest Hills Drive release on December 9th. Personally, I’ve been playing the whole album on repeat since the release, and actually playing it as I type this. Feelings of bittersweet remorse fill me because eventually, just like other good albums, I will kill this album. Here are some of the deadly factors for album assassination:


With any new music release, you intend to listen to it with fresh ears. You probably plan time to be able to listen without any interruption. You start a mundane task like cleaning your sneakers or organizing your bookshelf just so you can listen intently. Your goal is to hear every metaphor, every curse word, every ad-lib, every entendre without anyone or anything bothering you because you know there’s a deeper meaning to uncover and many personal connections to make.

Crime Scene

Album killers usually commit their crimes in their homes, cars or workplaces, anyplace where music is accepted. Personally, the minute I walk through my front door, music goes on. Therefore, in attempt to remain modest with my album plays, I’ve stopped myself from playing 2014 Forest Hills Drive in my car and try to mix in some other artists to break up the impending monotony.


There’s several weapons used to kill albums. Earbuds, headphones, iPads, basically anything with speakers are obvious weapons, but let’s not forget covert ignorant music that mistakenly fills our heads through radio, social media and our less than musically aware friends who wouldn’t know a metaphor if it kissed them on the lips [personification, I know :)].


After you are properly charged with the crime of death by album repeat or album killing, you face the consequences. Ultimately this means back to your feelings of longing and despair about music that’s out there. As you sit in your holding cell, waiting to be bailed out by your next potential victim, you may start to search for another musical outlet. You might rediscover old classics. Or you could be like me and dedicate time to listen to the D’Angelo & The Vanguard Black Messiah album, only to find with the regret that the cycle then repeats itself.

Oh the inhumanity, such a vicious musical cycle! [clutches imaginary pearls]

Happy Birthday Hov!

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Happy 45th Birthday Shawn C. Carter!  Now is a perfect time for that Party Life DIY!

I love Jay-Z, Jay, Jigga, S Dot, Jayhova, Hova, Hovie, Hovito, Mr. Carter, Lucky Lefty, Iceberg Slim… I think I covered them all. It’s always bittersweet when Jay Day rolls around because of the inevitable, but I will always cherish Hov’s music and admire his ability to express himself lyrically. Happy Birthday Hov!

Here are some perfect Jay Day gifts to celebrate Mr. Carter.

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Just Blaze


Nike Zebra High Top Blazer Trainers   £100

The Blazer. The blazer is an iconic garment that every person has somewhere in her closet. Whether it’s patterned, tuxedo, crushed velvet, double breasted, cuffed or 3/4 length a well paired blazer can transform a plain tee and your favorite pair of jeans to an intriguing mix of smart casual.

As with clothing, The Nike Blazer is also an iconic piece of footwear that can effortlessly pair with any of your blazers. The Nike Blazer features limitless colors, patterns, materials and you can even visit NIKEID to customize your own 1 of 1s.

Do you have somewhere to go, but want to give the “I’m trying but not really trying” feel? Pair a blazer with some blazers and give them something to talk about.

Bloom in the Winter with this Floral Front Blazer [$113.70] paired with Nike Blazer Mid Leather Premium [$100].
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Which “Just Blaze” pairing is your fave?

Go Offfff Bey!


Shout out to all the people who do weird stuff when they’re at home! I too pull out random pieces of clothing, try them on, take pics, dance uncontrollably to really ignorant a$$ music. Sometimes you just want to do “hoodrat stuff with your frennz.”

Salute Bey for the validation in 7/11 that we are all crazy! So much fun to watch and a peek of some great garments! [and she def almost jumps smooth on Blue’s head LOL]

11.14.14 Sole DXB Review

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DSC01148Yesterday, I spent the day exploring the local street culture here in Dubai courtesy of Sole DXB. I know you’re probably thinking, wheeet? Street culture where? Personally, one of the most influential parts of being a transport to a young country like the UAE, is depositing some of your culture into what is already there.


As a result of millions of people transitioning in and out of the UAE for employment and/or tourism, and the recent influx of research through social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter, an appreciation of street culture’s fashion, music and brands has emerged and is continuing to grow.

IMG_0872Sole Dubai attracted many expats and locals; some interested in exploring the origins of Dubai’s own street culture, others as fans of fashion, sneakers, music, and/or breakdancing.


Neoprene sweatshirts from Nomad

Located at Dubai’s Design District, Sole DXB featured streetwear vendors in a literal “trunk show,” utilizing the hatch of Mini Cooper’s to showcase garments from Juniors be Junior and Nomad [pictured above] among five other streetwear labels.


Melody Ehsani for Reebok


Face Stockholm for Reebok

Sponsored by Pepsi, Mini Cooper and Gatorade the event also featured a basketball tournament, graffiti artists, djs, breakdancing, exhibits from anchor brands, Early Retirement, PUMA, Reebok and Level Shoe District.


alife for PUMA


Reebok Pumps and Kamikazes

There were also selected private sneaker vendors showcasing popular Jordan and Nike brands available for swap or sale. I always gravitate toward Jordan brand, but there were also lots of KD’s, Lebron’s, AirForce1s and Air Max to delight any sneaker enthusiast.


Surrounding the perimeter of the event were exhibits from over 15 participating brands like Ray Ban, Vans, G-Shock, and Corcel with merchandise available for purchase.


Sole also invited guests to attend panel discussions such as Hip Hop and Your Neighborhood, featuring notable influences in Dubai’s street culture including hip-hop group The Recipe and Origins: A Panel with Kish Kash.

DSC01108Overall, Sole Dubai provided me evidence to believe that street culture is developing among the UAE streets. In my day to day when I’m running errands in Air Max 95s or grocery shopping in Jordan 10s, I’ve gotten varied reactions. As with anything different, I think there are some negative perceptions, which ultimately breed a curiosity within the local community.


[A few take aways] Outside of the newest releases and high end sneaker collabs, rarely have I seen, met or heard any other females here with what sneaker enthusiasts would describe as “heat.” I did see a few at Sole Dubai which was refreshing, but because of this I am interested in seeing how street culture and this event continues to grow each year because it provides the reinforcement of a familiar comfort zone for some expats, especially.


The surface level of street culture is becoming easier to participate in for example sneakers and fashion, but the depth of street culture and street fashion originated from necessity [a conversation I’m def willing to have with anyone] So, the next challenge is how do you invite others, especially local citizens to actively participate in order to grow the streetwear movement here in Dubai so that it becomes not just something to see or do on the weekends, but a way of life?


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Anybody else watch the first season of Sisterhood of Hip Hop? Initially, I didn’t think I was going to like the show as much as I actually did. One of the featured artists from the show, Bia [@pericoprincess], dropped #CHOLASEASON. With solid production and a catchy flow, Bia def shows promise for female rap artists. Plus, Skateboard P x her mentor, Fam Lay are blessing tracks once again. Looove. Listen here!