“Do Art!”- Visual Artist K.O. Gray

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The Arts [visual, musical, performance] is the pulse of our society. We are affected at every waking minute of our lives by the creativity, dedication and motivation of others. The perfect song on the album that described your first breakup, the larger than life mural that peers into your eyes every day on the way to work, or a viral video of the latest flash mob that captures your attention, The Arts helps us to express ourselves in ways that may seem unimaginable.


K.O.’s son works on a creation in the home studio

K.O. Gray is a talented visual artist colorfully brushing his way into being mentioned among the conversation of artistic greats. Neon graffiti of words and inspirational symbols, homemade paint palettes splattered with acrylic colors and floating images of Benjamin Franklin and Bishop from the influential movie, Juice, all share space in his home studio.

Screenshot via K.O. Gray’s Personal Site http://grayart814.wix.com/kogray

Canvases of musicians like Yasiin Bey, Marvin Gaye, Godfather of Go-Go Chuck Brown and Jill Scott display how Gray combines musical influences with his creative talents. Not only does this visual artist create masterpieces for walls, but also for your feet with custom painted Timberland boots and Converse classic Chuck Taylor’s.


October 20, 2014, at Penn Social in Washington, DC, Gray will be a featured visual artist at AXIS presented by RAWartists.org. A ticket guarantees your mind to be visually stimulated by one of the DMV region’s artistic greats. Contact K.O. Gray Visual Stimulator \\ @grayart814 via IG \\ grayart814@gmail.com  x kennie


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