crew love

With the weather changing to cooler temps, few things are as comfortable as the inside of a sweatshirt. Crewnecks are a must have for any fall and winter wardrobe.They are great layering pieces and can effortlessly be worn with sneakers to achieve a casual look, or can create a sporty and yet chic nighttime look anchored with a pair of pumps. Whether you prefer an athletic, ultra-feminine or textured look, crewnecks have you covered.

 [Mixed Media]

[Mixed Media]

[Mixed Media] Sweatshirts featuring a mix of contrasting materials

Steal the spotlight, wearing any one of these mixed media sweatshirts that contain a blend of edge and femininity.
[Field Day]
Athletic Inspired

[Fresh off the field] Athletic Inspired Sweatshirts

 From the field to the streets, these athletic inspired sweatshirts provide a fun athletic look.
 [Floral and Flirty]
[Floral and Flirty] Floral Inspired Sweatshirts

[Floral and Flirty] Floral Inspired Sweatshirts

Spring forward, Fall back. These crewnecks bring a flirty and floral pop to your fall and winter wardrobe looks.
Any of these choices will have them “loving the crew” in no time. x kennie

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