Let’s face it, cancer sucks. I think that’s one statement our society as a whole can agree on. My father passed away from cancer when I was 19 and most recently my Aunt is preparing to knock out breast cancer [PINK-EE Promise]! Cancer has been the source of many tears and much frustration for a lengthy time period of my life, so rather than writing a super emotional post about it, I’m going to describe this nuisance in a humorous way:

Cancer is…

  1. The person in class who reminds the teacher to collect the homework
  2. The car that cuts you off just to drive at a snail’s pace
  3. The person who leaves you a nice surprise in the work bathroom
  4. The corner of milk left in the carton just after you poured life’s biggest bowl of cereal
  5. The 10% battery warning after you started an in depth text exchange with your crush
  6. A flat tire on a rainy night
  7. A dropped call after being on hold for over 10 minutes
  8. Forgetting you left a load of towels in the washer for a few days
  9. The police sirens you hear in a song as you’re driving 80 mph on the highway
  10. The person with a cart load of groceries who won’t let you in front of them just to pay for one thing!

Again, in no means am I attempting to downplay the severity of this life changing disease, but cancer has taken up a lot of emotional space for myself and my family so I thought a little laughter could always lighten the load.

Please take care of your health! Be proactive in your doctor’s visits, including mammograms and colonoscopies, and know how to complete your own breast self-exam. Give words of encouragement, pray and support those who are affected. What do you think cancer is? Add your suggestions in the comments! Knock cancer out Aunt Carla! x kennie


One thought on “F*CK CANCER

  1. Althoughmy zodiac sign is thr “crab” I also realize the affect the the big “C” has had on my family, especially our children. Not everyone will lose their battle and I look at my mother who beat cancer and has been cancer free for 26 years! Cancer to me is the person who continues to text in the movie theatre with a phone that has a light brighter than the SUN! Really…..


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