cold weather dreams


It’s averaging about 100 degrees F in Abu Dhabi around this time of year. But just like anyone who loves the summer/winter garment swap, I long for the days to wear crewnecks, boots, bombers, leathers, sweaters… so, I think you understand my frustrations of having to delay my jacket and scarf hopes for cooler temperatures.

When the time does come, these pieces will definitely inspire my fashion repertoire.

[Faux|Real] Whether you prefer faux or genuine materials, this leather bomber from Front Row Inc. combines fur and leather for a perfect cold weather look.

pom beanie with detachable veil via

[Girly Grunge] This beanie mixes a familiar winter staple, wool beanie, with an ultra feminine veil and furry pom.

leather gloves with gold hardware via

[Golden Touch] It’s all in the small details. Classic leather glove with gold side zipper and cool touch screen phone feature enables you to use your phone while facing the cold weather.

Junior 6-Inch Premium Waterproof Boots - Timberland

Junior 6-Inch Premium Waterproof Boots – Timberland

[Cold Feet] Timberland Wheat Nubuck boots will easily update your cold weather wardrobe. Definitely a must have for any casual, athletic inspired looks for all.

What do you guys think? How are you planning to brave the colder months? x kennie


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