“what the kids gone listen to?”- ye


[new music] i’m just going to put this out there, but i’m a huge music fan! especially rap and hip hop. my allegiance has forever been to shawn c. carter. with that being said, i feel like i have pretty high standard when it comes to the composition of a song. i hold the lyric bar pretty high and love a complex use of metaphors and double entendres, lets not mention my love for sensory imagery. im “collegey” idc [english major probs].

a topic of conversation this weekend was about the new singles in rotation on tv and radio and debating on whether or not we really knew the words to the songs that everybody is “turning up” to. this debate has even gathered some following on social media, people make hilarious memes or videos attempting to catch a few words in a track. my curiosity led me to looking up [the lyrics to the ever so popular richgang’s “lifestyle”] why in the f**K did i do that?

all im going to comment on is in one part of the song they discuss a feminine hygiene product… like really?! is this what it’s coming to? don’t get me wrong, i laugh and i’ll do a lil “shmoney” dance two step, and attempt to sing along too, but then i always feel a cloud of guilt like, wait, what the hell did they just say? then a temporary moment of freak out usually ending with “what the kids gone listen to?” (ye voice) no, really what are they going to listen to?

so what’s a problem without a solution? the reality is people, like what they like, it’s that simple. but with the heavy influence that the music industry has on so many, old and especially young, i think balance is key. i try not to limit myself to only one or two genres of music because lyrics are pretty universal. with that being said, i fully encourage the turn up from time to time but don’t limit yourself to one type of music. it’s intended to reach the masses so explore! x kennie


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