tattoos are addictive they said

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passport, boarding pass stub, brochure, flag patches

i think anyone who has ever gotten a tattoo would agree, they are addictive. after the first one, i went back again, then again and at the fourth time i agreed… i’ll probably be back again. that’s just how new ink works.

passport tattoos are the same way!

the travel ink bug bit me later on in life and i’m cool with it. as a US citizen i feel like i wasn’t as interested in visiting other countries because there were so many other states i hadn’t had the privilege of visiting, international travel is pricey and i was afraid of the unknown [insert creepy laugh here] honestly, that’s a pretty common occurrence among most US citizens. although i had plans to eventually travel abroad, i was 24 when i purchased my passport for the sole purpose of working abroad in my sand castle.

the first stamp i received was upon arrival to UAE and the ink’s effects quickly intoxicated any other plans i had to stick to domestic travel. since then, i’ve gotten four other passport tats in the last three years [not including layovers and transfers] recently returning from amsterdam, netherlands [will review soon] with plans to visit italy in december.

traveling has made me virtually fearless. it affords me the opportunity to be an unofficial US ambassador to others around the world, which i love. i admire the beauty in other countries fashion sense, music, food, structures, way of life, language and culture. i learn and have learned a lot about myself and others through travel opportunities. as the God continues to allow, my need for passport ink will always remain. x kennie


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